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Anti Termite Treatment

Termite cause great havoc, especially with your furniture. They work deceptively, and before you know a lot of your furniture, wooden work and paper documents may be damaged incurably.
Commonly called as white ants, termites cause havoc to your premises and furniture. They hollow all the wooden structures of your house and workplace. Termite control requires excellent visionary strategy to make sure that your premise is 100% protected against the destructive little creatures.
Getting rid of termite as early as possible once detected is something everyone would want to do. We understand the concerns of the customers and make sure that with our cutting-edge termite treatments we eradicate this menace in total.
We use approved and safe termite eradication chemicals and inject into the points of entry leading to their nests. The toxic pesticides eliminate termites. Also, the state of the art deep penetration methods adopted by us result in termites not returning as chemicals obstructs them.
We carry out the safe assessment of your premises and recommend a line of treatment that will resolve your issues. Once we carry out the termite control in your premises, we follow up regularly to keep your premises and property safeguarded against the future termite attack.