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The environments are having the microbial population. The habitat of microbes though it is in outdoor and indoor some microbes are more confined in indoors like ICU, Operation theater , specific clean rooms, Space station where there are extraordinary living area for human beings.
The necessity for the confinement is different in nature according to the needs. Patients are to be protected from infections. The space station are man-made secluded habitat, All these man -made confined habitat to be monitored for microbiology and kept in control.
Microbial cleaning and disinfestation to be carried out to keep the microbial population under control. The resistance of selective microbes can be combated by specially after ascertaining the monitored level to have the desired hygiene level.


• Operation Theater, Ward room and hospital Sanitization or Fumigation.
• Smell control in the infected areas.
• Oder Control in hotel, warehouse,
• Disinfect in food processing unit.
• Disinfect the air in the aquaculture area.
• Disinfect the air in the poultry.
• Disinfect the fish processing unit.
• In Cold storage for fruits and vegetable life expansion.
• In pharmaceutical companies for disinfection.


Benefits/ Fumigation System:
• No need any fogging machine
• No Need of covering the equipment
• No Need post moping
• It is food grade no harm
• It will eliminate all viruses, bacteria, fungi and their spores.
• Very low quantity required, no side & long term effects.
• Being a gas, it reaches every corner of the room.
• Effective on H1N1 Viruses.
• Safe for Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Equipment and Components.
• Safe for food processing and the fruits and vegetable.
• Safe for human intake also ( In a limit ) .
• Used chemical is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) as a sterilizer.
• Can use at multiple gas release points.
• Safe for the people.
• Low in Cost.
• Most Flexible Process.
• Most complete Penetration and Distribution.